Restricting Access Based on Referral Domain

Taqtile is a Technology Company that creates augmented reality learning tools. Their product improves processes and workflows, train the next generation of hands-on workers, and eliminate the barriers between machine and operator, location, and time.

The Challenge

The Client wanted to restrict the Product site to only be accessed from referring domain *.taqmanifest.com

They tried different Plugins from the WordPress Repository but none of those worked as they wanted.

The Solution

CustomWp Developed a custom plugin that Restricted Access to users without taqmanifest.com as a referral.

We also developed a Settings Page where they can specify the referral domain and a redirect URL for unqualified users.

This plugin allows them to use it on different websites since they can specify the referral in the plugin’s settings.

From The Clinet

“CustomWp has an experienced and thoughtful development team. They Created a custom plugin for the feature request which was a great way to implement”

Thayer Ridgway, Content Manager at Taqtile