Find Your Investigator

Private Investigator Directory

Find Your Investigator™ strives to solve the difficulties encountered by both prospective clients and investigators themselves. It is a PI directory designed to streamline finding an experienced investigator near you, and improve investigators’ online presences through listings that provide a personalized landing page.

The Challenge

Find Your Investigator came to us with a broken platform. The User Experience was not intuitive and the checkout process was confusing. Not only this but their users were not able to check out at all.

Their Ad platform was broken, The Search algorithm needed improvement and The payment processing wasn’t working.

The Solution

First, we patched things up so they can take on paid customers for one of their services, Listings. We fixed the Checkout process and the payment processing.

Second, We developed an ad platform to the client’s specifications. The Platform serves ads based on user search and creates a basic report of impressions, clicks, and CTR. FYI can sell Ad space for a monthly or yearly Fee.

We also created a custom member area where customers can see reports, edit their listings and ads, and manage their subscriptions.

We rearchitected the back-end and developed a multisite strategy that will help them extend to more regions and Countries.

The Result

With a working platform the Client Started promoting their services. This resulted in paying customers and more exposure.


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